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Securely connect any existing wallet or create a Flooz wallet using your email or SSO. No more seedphrases!

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Snipe and sell tokens at lightening speed. Now available on 8 blockchains

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Buy any token directly with Apple Pay, Google Pay, bank account or card in over 180 different currencies

Real-time data

Leverage real-time market data, buys and charts, in-depth security audits and up-to-date off-chain data

Security audits

Flooz analyses >40 security functions of any smart contract and explains them in a human readable manner.

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Trade with Iris, your Telegram AI companion. Discover trending tokens, analyse and trade them in one click.

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Discover gems before anyone else does

The Google of Web3

Search for any smart contract address, token name, ticker, wallet, ENS Domain or Unstoppable Domain.

Trending tokens

Discover gems before anyone else does! Use filters to segment trending tokens by buying pressure, volume and more!

Go pro with filters

Use a combination of filters such as token age, market cap, liquidity, volume, and price change to find undervalued assets.

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Your wallet, everywhere you go.

Connect any existing wallet

Flooz supports stable wallet connections to over 200 DeFi wallets, including Metamask and Ledger.

Go Pro: Create a Flooz wallet

No more seed phrases! Sign in and recover your account using your Email, Google, X, Apple, Discord credentials.

Track your portfolio

Make smarter decisions by staying on top of your investments. Dive into your holdings, PnL and more.

Manage multiple wallets

Manage all your wallets without the hassle of signing out and signing back in with different wallets.

Secure by design

Flooz never has access to users' funds. Private keys remain solely with you, and all data is encrypted in transmission

Track your activities

Flooz humanises your activities so that you can understand when you swapped, sent, received, and minted tokens.

Available everywhere

Manage all your wallets, and track your portfolio on or within Iris on Telegram.

Reeeeeeally fast!

Flooz wallets are powered by account abstraction and batch multiple transactions in one. The result? One click trading!

Your data. Encrypted

All data is transmitted using encryption ensuring that sensitive information is protected both in transit and at rest.


Buy any token with FIAT

Buy crypto from anywhere

Supported in over 190 countries, Flooz empowers you to buy crypto with popular payment methods anywhere in the world.

Direct FIAT to token

Buy any token on any chain with any currency using Apple Pay, Google Pay, bank transfer, mobile money or card.

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The best deal on any trade.

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Flooz splits up your transactions across multiple liquidity sources to find the most efficient order execution path.

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No downtime. Swap any token for any token on the Web or natively on Telegram with the Iris AI Bot.

Tap tap, swapped!

Select the token, enter amount, hit swap, wait a sec, that’s it. Welcome to the future of trading crypto.

Price impact

Price Impact protection by 0x protects you from getting getting rekt by illiquid markets.

Slippage protection

Slippage Protection finds the best routes for decentralized exchange trades while avoiding slippage and MEV attacks.

Go Multi-Chain

Swap any token on Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Base, Optimism, Avalanche, zkSycnh and other chains.

Swap any token

Token Pages

DYOR with real-time analytics

Charts and real-time buys

Whether you'd like to simply look up the latest crypto price, or analyze price patterns with lengthy scripts, Flooz got you covered.

Security audits via GoPlusLabs

Flooz analyses >40 security functions of any smart contract and explains what these contracts do in a human readable manner.

Up to date off-chain data

In depth project descriptions, social media links, web links, audits and other data points enable you to conduct your research.

Check PEPE charts

Iris AI Bot

The native way to trade on Telegram

Transactional notifications

Stay in the know: Iris tracks your wallet and notifies you every time a swap, send, receive event happens!

Snipe and sell tokens

Flooz is integrated in over >100k Web3 Telegram communities. One-click snipe and sell tokens.

All of Flooz, natively in Telegram

Create an account, discover your next gem, buy crypto with FIAT, snipe and sell tokens, track your portfolio and more!

Try Iris Bot

Iris for Token Teams

Convert visitors to holders

Real-time buy alerts

Iris will send real-time buy alerts every time someone buys your token. Stylish, simple & designed to convert visitors to holders.

Verified Links Pages

Like LinkTree for Web3 & Telegram. Customize your branding, links, and leverage native swaps and FIAT to token.

Powerful Widgets

Verified Links pages support 3rd party widgets. Display your community leaderboards, ongoing raids and more!

List your token

List your token on with accurate and up-to-date info, logo, socials, circulating supply and more.

Buy trending

Gain more visibility for your token and make it trend on & the @floozTrending Telegram channel.

Embed swap/ buy widgets

Embed the Flooz checkout on your website and allow anybody to swap and even buy your token directly with FIAT in a few clicks.

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